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About George Zorich

35 years in healthcare companies including start-ups, Big Pharma, Biotech, Generics, Healthcare Distribution Models

The second half of his career was in running companies for investors/private equity (PE) as president or CEO

President of 3 healthcare companies that sold for a combined $1.1 billion at exit

Started the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy Entrepreneurship Club and the ShaRxTank competition with two scholarships awarded annually

Author of an award-winning book titled, “Entrepreneurship in Pharmacy and Other Leaders” with 100% of the royalties going to fund ShaRxTank scholarships and other entrepreneurship programs at schools of pharmacy.

Frequent lecturer on Entrepreneurship at schools of pharmacy and national pharmacy meetings.

Client Testimonials

For more than five years I had my company for sale. Although I had offers during that period nothing panned out. It was a very frustrating period in m... Read More

Denny Smith

Founder Masters Pharmaceuticals

George is a class act and is greatly respected in the pharmaceutical industry and the private equity circles. I have known him for over 20 years. When... Read More

Dave McCleary

Founder Custopharm, Inc.

George is an individual that is truly respected and known for his unquestionable integrity in this industry. He was connected to various other indivi... Read More

Lenny Rodriguez

CEO Attain Med, Inc.

How I Encourage more Pharmacy Students and young Graduates to Pursue a more Entrepreneurial Pathway.

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