The Importance of Entrepreneurship in Pharmacy and Healthcare

To encourage more pharmacy students and young graduates to pursue a more
entrepreneurial pathway.

"When we successfully teach the concept of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial thinking the pharmacy profession will benefit. If a small percentage go on to establish their own businesses, then healthcare and society may benefit even more. We are not hurt by thinking and acting more entrepreneurially. We may actually be creating better problem solvers in healthcare. The profession originated as entrepreneurs and flourished as independent business persons. For decades the community pharmacy was the cornerstone of America and a trusted source for immediate healthcare advice. Only with the advent of the chain drug store concept did we get away from what was the roots of this profession. Job opportunities for pharmacists may not be as great in retail in the coming decade but the lesson may be that the degree is still unlimited in scope. The pharmacy degree is still a springboard to a multitude of careers and the challenge is to reach for the stars and find your opportunity. Think entrepreneurially—and go out and solve healthcare problems for society, whether working alone, in a group or in a corporation"

Learning Tools For Entrepreneurship

About George Zorich

As president of 3 healthcare companies, in partnership with PE firms, he built up and sold the companies for a combined exit value of $1.1 Billion.

Started the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy Entrepreneurship Club and the ShaRxTank competition, with two scholarships awarded annually.

Author of an award winning book titled, “Entrepreneurs in Pharmacy and other Leaders” with 100% of book royalties going to fund ShaRxTank scholarships and other entrepreneurship programs at schools of pharmacy.

Frequent lecturer discussing Entrepreneurship at schools of pharmacy and national pharmacy meetings.

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